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The picture in the headline shows the lower part of Rio Pacaya, National Reserve of Pacaya Samiria, Peru 

Welcome to our fish site


Apistogramma sp. "D18"

Apistogramma sp. "D42"

Apistogramma sp. "D37" (Vaupes 1)

We are two ornamental fish hobbyists, living in the southern part of Norway.
Martin is the one who knows how to make a website, and to breed small Characidae and similar fishes.
He is not keeping any fish for the moment.
TomC is keeping lots of Apistogramma and Lebiasinidae (pencilfish).
He spends 4 weeks in Peru or Colombia almost every year, collecting Apistogramma etc.

Here you will find stuff concerning dwarf-cichlids (mostly Apistogramma), characins (mostly Lebiasinidae = pencil fish), and a few others.


Apistogramma sp. "D37" (Vaupes 2)

Apistogramma rositae

Apistogramma sp. "D6" (A. sp. "Mitú")

News November 2018:

Mike Wise & Co's overwhelming November 2018-revised
Apistogramma-species list (in a new look!):

More than 430 species / forms of Apistogramma,
arranged in groups and complexes

News October 2018:

An insightful, inspiring and beautiful article about the species so far
called A. sp. "D37", by Frank Hättich and Yukitoshi Ohnota:

A Colombian Beauty – Apistogramma sp. ‘Kiemenfleck/Gill-spot’

News July 2018:

Frank Hättich and Roland Kipper's magnificent article:
A mouth full! – Apistogramma sp. "D10", a new mouthbrooder from Colombia

News October 2017:

Mike Wise's amazing 2017-revised list:
More than 400 species / forms of Apistogramma,
arranged in groups and complexes

Read reports:

"Collecting in the Río Tahuayo and the Río Tamshiyacu drainages 2011"

"Collecting in Río Tigre / Río Pucacuro 2010"

"Collecting in Angamos, Río Yavari / Río Galvez 2010"

"Collecting in the Río Tapiche drainage"